About Us

Ours is a story of many firsts – a story that has totally revolutionized the real estate and luxury apartment spheres in Sri Lanka. Established in 2014, Blue Mountain Apartments (Pvt) Ltd was created especially to cater to the persisting need for reliable and trustworthy real estate, apartment and condominium management companies in Sri Lanka.

The arrival of Blue Mountain Apartments ushered in a new era in the industry and many would-be home dwellers breathed a huge sigh of relief. Within a couple of years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds already creating 4 iconic apartment properties that truly epitomizes luxury and would change Colombo’s vibrant skyline forever.

Blue Mountain Apartments is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Blue Mountain Group, the award-winning, internationally-acclaimed real estate and property company in Sri Lanka that’s making gigantic ripples! Blue Mountain Apartments has emulated the outstanding successes of its parent company by becoming almost a household name that’s synonymous for convenience, affordability and above all, LUXURY!